Windfall of almost $400,000 for Shire of Denmark in 2020-21 budget

Campbell WilliamsonAlbany Advertiser

The Shire of Denmark is getting a windfall of almost $400,000 after initial estimates on expenditure, revenue and capital works were clouded by COVID-19.

“The budget reflected the forecast economic conditions and local government legislation at the time,” Shire chief executive David Schober said.

“(It was) all heavily coloured by the unknowns of COVID-19.”

While a $200,000 surplus was expected in the shire’s 2020-21 budget, the position has been amended to a surplus of more than $590,000.

According to the July council agenda, most savings came from “resourcing issues with either contractor availability or finding the necessary staff time to co-ordinate the project on the required timeline”.

“There have also been savings right across the organisation as we focused heavily on our large capital works program,” Mr Schober said.

“We will carry forward the savings in reserve to address future operations requirements and to assist the community. Some of the extra budget surplus is made up of unspent funding for projects from 2020-21 that will continue into 2021-22.”

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