Homecoming just what the doctor ordered

Shannon SmithThe West Australian

One of the region’s smallest towns has produced sibling doctors at Albany Health Campus.

Emily and Alex Fergie were once children playing in their hometown of Kendenup, but they have now returned to the region as medical professionals.

Ms Fergie is an anaesthetist and her younger brother is an emergency physician.

The pair, alongside their two younger siblings, attended Mt Barker Senior High School.

Ms Fergie said they were delighted to be able to give back to the community they grew up in.

“It is a real privilege to be able to come back and work in a place where you grew up,” she said.

“I think we are both (finding it ) really surreal to be able to offer something back to the community that supported us as we were training. It is so lovely to be working with my brother and sometimes I take him a coffee because it is so busy in the Emergency Department.”

Mr Fergie returned to the Great Southern in January 2016 while Ms Fergie said she returned in August.

“I would really like to send a strong message of support to the women of the community down here that if you have a lot of passion, set goals and work hard then we live in a time now that you can really achieve anything you want to do. I think we see a lot of sporting role models for the guys and I am excited to see some local women coming back to work.”

Although Ms Fergie is working part- time in Albany and part-time at a private practice in Perth, her goal is to become full-time in her home town.

To become an anaesthetist, she studied an extra six years but said it was all worth it when feeling the delight of giving back to her community as a professional.

“I love my job and medicine is a great career for women,” she said.

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