Plastic ring found on duck in Oyster Harbour

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A duck with a plastic ring stuck around its neck has been rescued from Oyster Harbour.

The duck was spotted by resident Clare Okane, with the disturbing sight prompting her to alert authorities.

She said it took four phone calls until she was directed to WA Seabirds Rescue Group to attend to the matter.

WA Seabird Rescue co-ordinator Carol Biddulph said there were at least three people who had reported the matter.

Ms Okane originally thought it might have been a PVC pipe stuck around the duck’s neck but rescuers said it was plastic-ring litter the duck might have dabbled with.

After a second visit to rescue the duck, the group found it had managed to get the plastic ring off its neck.

However, WA Seabird Rescue is concerned the duck was a domestic species that may have once been someone’s pet.

“Unfortunately people often dump their domestic ducks in a public place,” Ms Biddulph said.

The duck’s story did have a happy ending but Ms Biddulph said this wasn’t always the case

“So I would like to encourage people to pick up their litter as it could endanger wildlife around our area,” she said.

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