Hark, the Denmark carols ring, 20yrs on

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After two decades of absence, Denmark Carols by Candlelight is back by popular demand.

Timothy Waite, a Denmark man, is thrilled to see the return of the carols at the John Clark Memorial Bandstand.

“I have a personal attachment (to the carols) as my Pop, Norman Thornton, built the John Clark Memorial Bandstand in 1963, which was built especially for Carols by Candlelight,” he said.

“I remember going to the carols as a child and on one occasion sang there as a kid too. It’s a memory that has stuck with me all this time and it’s something I want my kids to experience.”

To bring the carols back to the little town of Denmark, Mr Waite created the John Clark Memorial Bandstand Carols Facebook page and invited other like-minded residents.

“I added Ashleigh Crock and Karen Britz as they have had so much involvement in the carols in past years — we then went about getting approval to use the bandstand from the Shire and Riverside Club,” Mr Waite said.

After numerous phone calls, Mr Waite and his friends managed to bring the much loved tradition back to Denmark.

“There is a great line-up of local talent including Ashleigh Crock, Timieka Denton, Tracey Morrison and many more — and all your favourite Christmas songs will be sung,” Mr Waite said.

The Denmark Carols will performed on Christmas Eve at 6pm, at the bandstand in Berridge Park.

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