Aliens infiltrate science, religion

Saskia AdystiAlbany Advertiser

Aliens, Christianity and science may seem like strange bedfellows but Albany Professor Craig Russell has successfully merged the three.

The chemistry and biology expert is helping promote a documentary screening in Albany this month, Alien Intrusion.

The film studies the possible connections between unidentified flying object experiences and religion.

“I got an active interest in understanding the mechanism of life and so forth,” Professor Russell said.

“The popular world view right now is that the whole universe made itself.

“But from a Christian point of view, they believe in a special creation and there is a spiritual dimension and a higher being out there.

“So this documentary deals with all these questions about why we exist or if we happen by chance.”

As a Christian, Dr Russell believes there is no life out in space but he understands how people are able to have real experiences with aliens.

The documentary is being promoted by Creation Ministry, a Christian not-for-profit organisation.

“Their key interest in this area is for two reasons: one it deals with critical ideas about our world view of origins,” he said.

“And the second one is from the realisation for millions of people that generally believes they have encounters with aliens.

“The documentary interviewed world expert psychologists who are convinced that these people have had genuine encounters.

“We can’t just write them off as fruitcakes or mentally disturbed as they show real physical responses.”

Professor Russell said his constant hunger to understand the deeper meaning of the world had led him to his belief.

“Everything I understand and what I learn about science, concludes that the laws of physics and science do not explain the origin of everything; it only explains how it operates,” he said.

He said he hoped the documentary would provide a better understanding for people of the relationship between science and religion.

Alien Intrusion will be showing at Orana Cinemas on Tuesday, February 27.

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