Stars redefine the circus

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360 Allstars will perform in Albany next week.
Camera Icon360 Allstars will perform in Albany next week. Credit: Albany Advertiser

Albany will host a stellar international cast, including world-class athletes and renowned musicians, when 360 Allstars performs for the city.

The cast includes two-time world champion BMX Flatlander Peter Sore, world champion breakdancers B-Boy Kareen and B-Boy Leerok, world-renowned basketball freestyler Basketball Man and acclaimed roue cyr artist Rhys Miller.

Music is delivered by chart- topping artist Sam Perry and multi-award winning percussionist Gene Peterson.

Peterson, who is also the director, said the show replaced the stereotypical, conventional circus with contemporary, urban performance styles.

"Instead of acrobats, we have break-dancers, instead of a juggler we have a basketball freestyler, and instead of a unicycler, we have a BMX rider and so on," he said.

"So all of those traditional art forms have been given an urban twist."

Peterson said the show would appeal to a broad audience.

"Obviously, the art forms in the show are very attractive to a younger audience. It's the sort of stuff that they are participating in, looking up on YouTube and to see that live on stage in their own town is a wonderful opportunity," he said.

"At the same time, it's a professional theatre production, it's not a kids' show, and it's got beautiful projections and a killer soundtrack, so it's definitely for all ages."

While in Albany, the cast is expected to host a series of community workshops for children aged eight to 18.

The workshops include body percussion and drumming, circus, breakdancing, basketball freestyling, BMX flatlanding and live looping and beatboxing.

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