Do you recognise these twins?

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A Queensland-based World War II veteran has set about seeking the identity of Albany twins after a brief but sweeping encounter with the pair in 1945 on his return to Australia after being a Japanese prisoner of war of Japan for more than three years.

David “Digger” Barrett and his friend Vern Hanson were returning to Australia aboard HMHS Karoa when they docked in Albany to refuel.

“We were meant to stop in Fremantle but the wharfies were striking so we kept on to Albany,” he recalled.

“When we got there the town’s mayor had organised a heroes welcome for us, it really was tremendous to be back in Australia.”

Mr Barrett is soon to release his biography – Digger’s Story – on August 1 but is keen to locate the twins he and Mr Hanson Vern happened across on their three-day stay in Albany, before sailing to Melbourne.

“Vern and I had hardly descended the gangway when twin sisters grabbed us and hustled us away from the crowd and into the town,” writes Mr Barrett wrote in his book.

“We spent the whole day with them.

“They showed us the city sights, took us to cafés and then to their home for dinner.

“We had a terrific two days.

“It really felt good to be in Australia again.”

Brian Robertson co-authored the biography.

The authors would like to identify the young girls, pictured, and are offering a free copy of Digger’s Story to anyone who can help.

If you recognise the pair vVisit for more contact details.

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