Whistle no way to hail women

Albany Advertiser

Wolf whistling is the trademark of a man whose ego outweighs his ability to interact socially with women.

It is strange enough that men would still use this old-fashioned announcement of one’s sexual attraction to a passing woman.

A behaviour from a bygone era which is still, unfortunately, found among Albany’s men.

Not all of them, of course, but a minority who still feel they have the right to turn their objectification of a passing woman, minding her own business, into an obnoxious fluting.

Whether from a man hanging out the window of a passing vehicle grinning like a baboon or an ape walking down the street — it is time it was stopped.

Many reading this will say, “it’s a compliment”, and, “means no harm”. But think for a minute if the person being harassed is your mother, sister or daughter.

What gives the whistler the right to invite himself to make a visual judgment on the sexual attractiveness of a passing female?

We’re not cavemen anymore. We’ve moved on from grunts to signify our sexual interest.

For women, even girls, receiving a wolf-whistle is all too common.

Unfortunately, females grow up with it and probably learn to ignore and, sadly, expect it.

It is a childish behaviour, fitting the immaturity of whoever does it.

Before you ask, this editorial was written by a man.

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