Solemn end to war

Albany Advertiser

With the words “Good, Great Grand and Glorious, Britain and her Allies have secured the Peace of the World” the Advertiser reported the signing of the armistice to end the war in 1918.

“PEACE. Germany signs the armistice. Cessation of hostilities” was another headline in the Wednesday, November 18, 1918 edition.

Here are excerpts of the article:

Marshal Foch received the German declaration appointment to conclude an armistice at 11 o’clock on Friday morning. The delegation comprised Herr Erzberger (Secretary of the State and leader of the Centre Party in the Reichstag), Count von Odernorf (formerly German Ambassador to Bulgaria), and Generals von Winterfeld (formerly Military Attache in the German Embassy in Paris, and von Guendell (German military delegate at the conference which was held recently at The Hague to discuss the exchange of prisoners of war).

Marshall Foch read and handed the Allies’ terms to the German representatives, who were given 72 hours to communicate with Berlin.

Herr Erzberger’s inclusion in the German delegation in the last hour indicates Germany’s grave peril.

Herr Erzberger, as Secretary of State, is empowered to sign the armistice immediately without consulting Berlin.

The Paris correspondent of Daily Chronicle gives the story of the armistice meeting.

French outposts at La Haudroy at 10 on Thursday night heard above the splashing of the rain clear trumpet notes.

A moment later a motor came into view moving slowly with a white flag beside the driver.

An expectant group of police and their officers advanced to meet the car, when the delegates stepped down.

A French officer saluted and the Germans returned the salute and offered their papers.

The simplicity of the meeting could not lessen the solemnity of the scene.

At 5am on Monday, November 11, 1918, it was announced the armistice was signed and hostilities would ceases on all fronts at 11am.

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