Katanning Senior High School’s cool approach to improving student behaviour

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Katanning Senior High School students were rewarded for breaking a behaviour milestone across the last semester.

Katanning Ice Creamery rolled up in their trailer at the school campus in late June to celebrate students surpassing 50,000 positive behaviour support (PBS) points by offering students a free ice-cream for their efforts.

Just over one month into her leadership position at KSHS, acting principal Denise Robinson said most student behaviour had been of a very high standard.

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“Students have been demonstrating the expected behaviours and been recognised by staff through the reward system,” she said.

“The more positive behaviours students demonstrate, the quicker we reach our whole school goal.”

The KSHS-monitored initiative is based on defined expected behaviours agreed on by staff across the school and outlined in the PBS matrix.

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“Through following the PBS matrix and conducting lessons around what expected behaviours look like, the students are able to learn expectations and teachers are able to encourage, reinforce and remind students of those expectations as necessary,” Ms Robinson said.

“These behaviours are then taught to students, in much the same way as academic lessons through modelling, practice and feedback.

“There is a focus on particular behaviours throughout the term and all behaviours are linked to our students reward system.

“Teachers are then able to reteach or remind students of the expected behaviours when necessary.”

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