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Greens Pool, Denmark
Camera IconGreens Pool, Denmark

A move to reinstate fishing at Denmark tourism hotspot Greens Pool has been defeated in WA’s Upper House.

The disallowance motion submitted by Agricultural Region MLC Rick Mazza of the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party was voted down in Parliament last Thursday.

The fishing ban at the popular natural pool was introduced by Fisheries Minister Dave Kelly last year, after almost 1000 people signed a petition to protect the site.

Mr Kelly said the decision to ban fishing allowed everyone to appreciate the marine environment without potential interactions with fishing lines and spearguns.

Mr Mazza, who submitted the disallowance motion in February, argued there was not enough public consultation before the ban.

“This decision effectively sanctions the Minister to enact bans on the WA coastline for fishing without relying on valid scientific evidence or thorough community consultation,” he said.

“The Minister has relied on a petition signed by 969 people to assert his decision which is not a reflection of all stakeholders’ interests.”

Greens South West MLC Diane Evers voted to uphold the ban.

“While I appreciate the place recreational fishing has within our society, these protective measures are being placed on a very small and very significant part of the southern coast,” Ms Evers said.

“The benefit to the community is great and there remains many alternative opportunities available to recreational fishers.

“I would point to the consultation process in particular as evidence of this, as 10 per cent of local voters signed the petition to support the ban.

“That is a significant sample size and there was no equivalent depth of opposition.”

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