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The Waifs return home, to Albany Entertainment Centre, on December 9. Albany’s own Vikki Thorn spoke to Shannon Smith about their quarter century of success.

Firstly, 25 years! How does it feel?

It feels like a real achievement in this industry. We’re lucky to still be around playing music together and still enjoying it.

Are you excited to come home?

It’s heartwarming to play to your friends and

family ... and go for a swim.

Why did you decide to do a regional tour?

The distances between regional towns can be great and cost-prohibitive for touring bands, but we find the regional audiences are so grateful and welcoming ... it far outweighs the cost factor and a few hours extra in the minivan. Plus, we all grew up in regional towns and I remember what a big deal it was when “Barnesy” made the trip through.

Does your country background influence your music still to this date?

We were raised in a town of working-class characters and that shaped our experiences and who we are today. Albany used to be the town where everyone knew you, your mum and dad, and cousins and friends. People paid attention to each other. I definitely feel that shaped our storytelling and need to listen and observe the world through music.

How do you think you’ve grown over the years?

Most definitely older, possibly a touch wiser.

Looking back, is there a favourite moment?

My favourite moments on tour are the ones when the music comes together in a way that we are all playing intuitively and instinctively from our hearts. It becomes an elevated experience for us and the audience — some sort of energy flow.

Tickets to see The Waifs at 8pm on December 9 are available on ticketek.com.au for $63.50.

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