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Ash Carr-White, Saskia Brittain, Timieka Denton and Madi Hanley are Dulcie.
Camera IconAsh Carr-White, Saskia Brittain, Timieka Denton and Madi Hanley are Dulcie. Credit: Supplied

Perth band Dulcie are quickly on the rise, and with two band members calling Denmark home, they are heading to the Great Southern for a hometown show this weekend. Shannon Smith spoke to Madi Hanley about their success.

Q.Tell me about the band?

A. We are a four-piece indie girl band from Perth.

We’ve got Ash Carr-White on keys and vocals, Saskia Brittain on guitar and vocals, Timieka Denton on bass and vocals, and Madi Hanley on the drums. We all collaborate to write songs performed by any of the three vocalists with heaps of harmonies by everyone.

Q.So are you from down this way?

A. Two out of the four of us are. Saskia and Timieka both grew up and lived in Denmark until last year.

Q.Why did you want to come do a show here?

A. We wanted to come and play a show in Denmark because both Sas and Timieka grew up down there and we always love to head down when we’ve got a bit of time and play for their families and friends. It’s a beautiful place and all four of us love it.

Q.What is it like to be gaining recognition? It must be so exciting.

A. It’s constantly just such a genuine shock for us to be getting so much attention. We’re so excited every time something new happens, it’s been so lovely. We just do this because we love making and playing music, so it’s such an amazing feeling for other people to be getting as much joy out of it as we do. We feel really lucky.

Q.Where were you when you first heard your song on the radio?

A. I think from memory we were all in our cars separately and pulled over to listen. Our group chat was just blowing up because all of us were freaking out (in a good way).

Q. What do you write about?

A. We all contribute to writing a lot and it’s a very collaborative process so it can be quite hard to pinpoint what exactly we write about. So far most of what we’ve written has ended up about experiences that one or all of us have had.

Really I think our music becomes a representation of how all of us see and experience the world, as well as being a big fusion of all of the music that we’ve ever listened to and been inspired by throughout our lives.

Q.Can you tell us what to expect at your show?

A. You can definitely expect a few laughs, we don’t take ourselves too seriously on stage, so everyone can expect a bit of a giggle with/at us for sure. You can probably expect to have a bit of a dance and maybe some cheeky singalongs and clapping in build-ups too.

Q.Anything exciting coming up? An album release? If so, what is it about?

A. There is definitely a new single on the way. We’re just crossing the Ts and dotting the Is on that one. It’ll be out on May 31 and we can’t wait for that to be out in the world. After that, we’ll be jumping on the road to support a Sydney duo called Polish Club on their national tour. They’re awesome and it’s a huge tour so that’s very big and exciting for us.

Q.Any other comments or information?

A. Just a massive cheers to everybody that grabbed a ticket to the Denmark show. It’s gonna be a heap of fun and supporting live music is very important to us, so we are very thankful to have the opportunity to play all over the country and have wonderful people that support us in that dream.

Every time someone buys a ticket, a T-shirt or even a sticker it all goes towards us being able to live this out and develop as people and a band, so we love you.

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