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Is it legal to flash other drivers to warn of a speed camera?
Camera IconIs it legal to flash other drivers to warn of a speed camera?

Great Southern traffic enforcement Sgt Andrew Norton lays down the law.

Is it illegal to flash your lights to warn drivers of an approaching police car or speed camera?


Do pets have to be restrained if in the car?

Not if inside the vehicle. If it was in an open load space, for example a utility, then yes. A dog would form part of the load and would have to be secured.

Can you use your iPod to change music while driving?

We don’t recommend doing anything other than 100 per cent focus on driving.

Yes, you could use an iPod that is not an iPhone and doesn’t have a visual display so long as you didn’t do a careless act.

Is it an offence to drive more than 20km/h below the speed limit?

Not on most roads. It is an offence to drive below the speed limit by more than 21 km/h on a freeway. Penalty $50.

Are passengers in a car allowed to drink alcohol?

No. It is offence to drink liquor on any public road or street.

Can you go over the speed limit in an overtaking lane to overtake?

No. The speed limit is the speed limit.

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