Albany train worth revisiting

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Dear Editor,

For many years the Editor of the local paper has been seen as the Arbiter and the voice of reason, sense and wisdom. I cite the letter Virginia wrote many years ago.

So hence I draw your attention to the fact that Albany is marketing itself as a tourist destination and we are in the process of building new accommodation that will be of a very high standard.

Once this accommodation is built it will result in some world class accommodation being available in Albany and in turn the management companies of those world class hotels will promote Albany and the magnificent region as a whole. This should result in an influx of tourists and substantial money into the local economy.

So all is good then?

How do we get them here as our transportation is somewhat limited? Road is not feasible as it can take 5 hours or more from Perth, Air is possibly more limited due to a variety of reasons and Sea is not viable at this time. Rail is in place and once carried hundreds per trip to our glorious region but is currently used to transport non humane cargo.

Dear Editor I ask that as a city we get a working group together and show the current State Govt that the need for a proper Rail System to be ratified has come. I am not calling for a Speed train or such but a tourist train that can also accommodate locals who have the need/want to travel and that can slo provide an experience.

Ideally the train would comprise a section for tourists with first class dining and accommodation and stop at all the smaller towns who are in dire need of a boost to their economy and would also have a less salubrious section for those who simply wish to travel by train.

Is it technically / economically feasible? From Albany’s point of view it certainly is as the economic repercussions would create a very positive and substantial impact on our economy and that of the towns along the route.

Sir, I seek the opinion of you and your readers on this.

Dales C Whyte

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