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Taylor Bradford chose Homebuyers Centre’s Nixon design to add her touch to.
Camera IconTaylor Bradford chose Homebuyers Centre’s Nixon design to add her touch to. Credit: Supplied.

Taking the plunge to build her own home as a single mother, Taylor Bradford moved into her Eglinton abode in late August, recruiting Homebuyers Centre as her builder of choice.

Initially out of her comfort zone in the building process, Ms Bradford relished the opportunity to customise and style a space of her own and spoke with New Homes about her journey.

What made you decide to build your own home and what was the initial process like for you?

Actually it was my mum who hinted at the possibility of becoming a homeowner.

“You should bite the bullet and build your first home,” she said to me early in 2019.

At the time I never pictured myself – a young single parent – able to do so, so I kind of shrugged it off.

However, I had been bundling away savings for a rainy day whilst paying off someone else’s mortgage, working full time and falling victim to the rent trap, and her comment eventually sent my mind into overdrive.

The endless possibilities and joy of accomplishing such a thing and, most importantly, the opportunity it opened up for my son in the future is probably what drove me into multiple builders’ offices in Perth. For me the first steps towards such a project didn’t seem achievable. After all, I expected to be knocked back based on my age and having one dependent in tow.

Admittedly the lines were blurry in the beginning. I didn’t understand much about the contracts, prestart and the choices to come.

Which Homebuyers Centre design did you base your home on and did you make any changes to suit your needs?

I was given three options for land to buy and about five designs that would fit perfectly to all three lots, which narrowed a lot of hard work down for me. Still, those multiple choices left me overwhelmed.

I wasn’t quite sure what would work and what would leave me wishing for a better outcome years down the track. I was guided by my consultant, who related on a human level not the typical sales spiel level, and I chose Nixon.

In the initial chat about what I wished for, Nixon typically met the standard, however, with some pencil we mapped out a few changes.

I opted to have the main bath removed to accommodate a double shower, doorways widened and a side-access door to the garage from the garden.

What is your favourite part of your home? What was the inspiration for your interior and exterior design?

I may be too proud, but I can’t pick a favourite part. I say that so easily because from the front garden to hallways and even the bathroom, I adore every part of it. It’s a constant reminder of things achieved. My whole home is the favourite part.

I’ve always been into darker colours and shades with a pop of colour here and there. I think black, grey and charcoals are clean, tidy and bold, and small hints of mustards and golds with a touch green foliage has always appealed to my eye.

I chose to keep that theme through my home, I like that things are symmetrical and similar in each room.

I’m not much of a green thumb, so in the rear yard I chose Australian Outdoor Living to pave the way with a touch of artificial lawn and some rainbow gravel. It is low-maintenance and cost-effective.

For the front exterior I took a vision from the neighbourhood houses and basically copied it. Thanks neighbours.

What is your advice for those choosing to build their first home?

Research. In times where you’re lining yourself up with huge contracts and big financial commitments, always research. I never truly grasped what was involved in building a home.

You’ll be left scratching your head if you don’t fully load your brain with the right information, so don’t jump in. Many Facebook groups are around to offer guidance.

I’d like to add that as you reach your prestart, visiting the builder’s choice companies for things like tiles, carpets, fencing and roofing a few times beforehand to gather ideas and colour swatches is a good idea. It was the best thing I have ever done.

Make confident choices before you enter prestart. It’s an extremely overwhelming few hours in the colour meeting.

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